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What makes us different than other photographers? :

- For most of our photoshoots, we send a multitude of high resolution photo proofs, which include lighting and natural or creative color editing. (we generally shoot to edit i.e. the final product, so we have full creative options for clients' needs).

- You may use all high resolution photo "proofs" from your photoshoot, which can be used as a final product, or we can then add specific color schemes, or editing/retouching to your photos after they are sent on request. (If not discussed in advanced, additional charges may apply)

- High-end lighting that can control the the scene to establish different styles and moods. 

- Both in-studio and on-location options for photoshoots are available.

- Our photo sessions are backed up on additional harddrives or cloud storage. The last thing anyone wants to hear is "we lost the shoot". Which unfotunately happens more often than one might think. Since inception, we have always delivered finished products.

- Backup equipment is available on all our photoshoots in the rare case that a camera or light would malfunction during a session.

- High-resolution equipment: The images on our web page and facebook automatically downsize, so you may not have a true sense of image resolution by viewing them. Clients generally have capabilities for 100% crops on most raw images and still maintain quality.

- We generally have fun during the shoot, which helps bring out the best our my clients, while always keeping a close eye on the final product. :)

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