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What people have to say:


"Great photog! Max did the poster shoot for our upcoming film and did a top notch job, worked with the actors well, professional and comfortable. Highly recommend."

- Darren Darnborough, CEO WeRehearse


Max Aria comes highly recommended for fashion photography. Knows his lighting & has a great eye. Build your book with a pro. Build it with Max Aria.

- Joshua James, SU Magazine


Max Aria has an incredible eye for photography.  He has done headshots and stylized shots for me.  Both were incredible.  I can not stress enough how good this guy is.  Attention to detail is a solid freaking 10.  I'm not kidding here.

- James Craigmiles, CEO Reelpeople Productions


Max was a professional and easy going photographer. Getting your head shots done can create a lot of anxiety. With Max I felt like I was just hanging out with a buddy. He is also funny and gets honest looks from you. AND HE IS AFFORDABLE!!!

-Chris Ready, Actor, Los Angeles


"I love your photos Max!! They are awesome!!!"

- Xiomara Ortiz, Actress, VO Artist


"As an actor and fashion blogger my photography needs are plentiful.  I can always count on Max to be available, on time and provide me with the best photography possible.  His outdoor, natural lighting skills are amazing no matter where we shoot, no matter what time of day.  He is delightful to work with and is always inspiring!"

- Zia Domic, Actress / Fashion Blogger


"That is Clean! I think we broke the internet. lol"

- James Darnell, Actor, Athlete, Mavrick Artists Agency


"I have worked with Max Aria on productions as a audio engineer and I have also referred him to clients that have needed quality photography. Working with Max is a professional experience.  He is always on time, low maintenance, and wonderful to work with.  I will always jump at the chance to work with Max on a production because I know it will be a quality work.
As for referring him to clients, I have yet to hear anybody give a less than stellar review of his eye and professionalism.   Everybody that hires Max loves working with him and is usually blown away by the end result."

-Justen Fench, Warner Bros. Entertainment


"Oh god, there's so many I like! My eyes are twinkling!"

- Samantha Diane - Broadway / Los Angeles Actress


"The thing that stands out about Max Aria's photos is the colors. They attract the viewer into the picture...Beautiful...Gorgeous."

- California Nightlife / OurNightlife Company


"Oh Wow! Ok, I want these 20 photos in 300 DPI!"

- Beverly Hills Times 


Max and James shot our wedding last month and we honestly could not be happier with them.  They were professional, prompt, affordable and fun. Our guests have commented how Max and James interacted with them during the reception.  All high marks.  The best part of our experience has been the quality of the images and video they took. My husband and I will happily recommend them to our friends and family.

- David P. 


"Max Aria is an awesome photographer...I said I wanted to do a non-smiley-shoot (a side of me I hardly get to do) & immediately he said let's do an assassin theme! He not only got the sword but truly loves what he does...he got inspired so many times & you can see the passion in his eyes & depth of his excitement when he scopes that perfect location or got that shot he wanted. With art you got to have passion. I was impressed by his passion & gusto for his push for his creative outlet & thus helped me realize mine. He knows what he wants & pushes you just enough. As a model himself & now behind a camera he was able to have an eye for how you should pose & the look you should give...truly one of the best easy photographers to work with."

- Mary Tran, CESD Agency

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